Bits + Pieces

'm in a strange season of life where time seems to stand still and I blink and another week has gone by. Waiting for baby is much harder this time, mainly because I'm in about a hundred times more pain than I was last time. Being incapable of too much movement and having to balance time on and off my feet because they both hurt, has been tough with a one year old and a messy apartment that I cannot seem to make progress on. I have to remind myself that these are very small and very temporary problems, and while I don't think there is anything wrong with venting, it's good to keep perspective. My one year old is happy, I have a home, and baby is still healthy. Oh, and only two weeks until my due date! (Insane.) 

I really wanted to get out some this month since I probably won't next month, and I've had major mom guilt keeping Thatcher at home so much. Our area had some crazy flooding, so we couldn't get home one weekend and decided to take Thatcher to the Memphis zoo instead. It was a little too crowded for him to get the full effect, but he had fun running around the farm portion. The funniest part to me was that of all the animals he saw, he was the most blown away by the goats. We also started our container garden, which Thatcher enjoys helping me water. And by help, I mean splashing in the puddles and holding his hands under the watering can. 

Overall it wasn't a bad month. Thatcher has been sassy some days, but has a whole lotta teeth to show for it. He also gives me so many more spontaneous hugs and kisses, which is my favorite. Tobias has been receiving weekly allergy shots and they seem to be working for the time being. I'm having weekly doctor appointments now, which suck, but it means we're on the home stretch. And we are getting closer to nailing down a name for baby. (It's annoying how bad we are about this process.) I hope May has been treating you right, personally I'm ready for some post-baby summer activities!