Thatcher's First Camping Trip

his trip was something we wanted to do much earlier, but never found the perfect time. The routine and apartment were closing in on us so we decided to go on a whim. 

The weather was still cool, and the campground was nearly empty. We hiked a local trail to a nearby stream where we were once again met with solitude. We could explore and the boys could throw pebbles into the spring. With some initial resistance in the form of crying, I carried two babies easier than I carried one during my first pregnancy. Not long after we started back, Thatcher fell asleep, lulled by the hiking and his parents' conversations. 

It was a cold evening, all of us bundling up to sit around a fire with our hot dogs. Thatcher and Tobias were gradually losing steam, and were less prone to wandering around the campsite. We were all ready when the time came to sleep. We retreated to the tent  and buried ourselves deep in sleeping bags, our baby tucked in between us. Thatcher gave one last tiny, "Choo choo", and fell into one of his deeper sleeps. I went to sleep completely exhausted and full of love.