Love Letters

o the girl who is using my organs as punching bags. You are just as active as your brother was. Lately, I've started daydreaming of the two of you together. It's still hard to picture, but now I know it will be no time at all before you, too are waddling around alongside me. I love your little kicks and turns and I love you.

 To the boy who can bring about a smile on my worst days. You are so fearless and friendly, whether you are greeting everyone with that sweet, high pitched hello or trying to throw yourself from the bed during play. I love watching you waddle, so sure of yourself even when you stumble. I love your hugs.

 To the man who makes my boy the happiest. I love watching you sing and dance with our boy. I love watching you cut up his fruit and put his shoes on. I love watching you read to him. Everything you do is for us and you do it with your own initiative. Thank you for your love.