Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector

ighlight is one of my favorite steps in my makeup. After I ran out of my last one I'd been using a light pink shimmer from Covergirl that was super old. I'd never bought a "High end" one, so it was a priority.

The Shimmering Skin Perfectors by Becca had an overwhelming amount of good reviews, so in the end I decided to try it out. Because of my pale complexion, I went with the shade Moonstone, which is a pale cream/gold color. I thought about going with Pearl, but knew it may be a tad dramatic for my routine.

At the first application, I hardly noticed it. In fact I thought I had been tricked. It's very subtle, so I used a thicker brush and more product and it went on great. I was getting used to how highly pigmented most high end products were, and was afraid to pack it on like crazy. I like that I can build with it subtly, because I don't like to wear my makeup too thickly.

I know that highlighter may not be everyone's priority, and there are a lot of great affordable options. I would recommend watching a few videos on Youtube, where makeup artists share their favorites, drugstore/affordable or high end. I would also watch more than one Youtuber, because some videos are sponsored, so they may be a little nicer to the brand or product than they would if they weren't getting paid for it. Happy highlighting!xx