Thatcher's First Birthday

Somewhere along the way, my little gummy bear grew three teeth, lots of hair, a big personality, and turned a year old. Some days felt everlasting, but the year as a whole was over quickly. It frightens me a bit just how fast you will continue to grow, but it is a sobering reminder on the days when I want to give up. His turning one is bittersweet. I am sad to lose my baby, but so eager to see the little boy you become. 

Luckily for me, he didn't wake up a new child. He awoke with one sock off and one on like every other morning, with his same coos and disheveled hair, and the same excitement to see us. As I hurried to make sure food was cooked, the house clean, and the walls decorated, I had to pause, happily,  to receive hugs from little outstretched arms.We celebrated with a homemade cake and no tears. (Trust me, that was a tough one for me.) He smiled shyly as we sang him happy birthday, and ate his cake as neatly as a one year old can. Just when I would compose my emotions, he would look in my direction and the same grin I've seen a million times would transform his face, and prove to be almost tear-inducing. Happy birthday, baby boy, you are magic and chaos, and everything that is wonderful in life.