Anastasia Beverly Hills "Modern Renaissance" Palette

Makeup has always been a big interest of mine. I think it's safe to say it's a common one, being something we use almost everyday. I go through seasons with makeup. Sometimes I'll stock up on some really good quality items and feel and look great. Other times, it's a last priority and I run out and default back to whatever six year old products I have laying around. I've been doing the latter since I had Thatcher, and I've been looking and feeling not-so-great, so I decided I would devote time and Christmas money back into building my resources back up. This time with great quality products. I've been doing a lot of research, and by research I mean watching a thousand youtube videos, to see what items are considered great by everyone, sponsored or not. I'll be sharing the products I purchase, and what I think of them. 

One thing I always seem to be lacking are eyeshadows. I am usually left with random shades that don't complement each other and singles that sit forgotten in a drawer somewhere. Needless to say, finding a good palette was number one on my list. When I first saw the Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills, I thought, great name, eh palette. It didn't translate for me in videos, and I didn't like all of the looks I was seeing created with it. I was looking at another palette in Sephora when I happened across it in person, and it was a completely different reaction. I adored the colors and could envision the different possibilities.Warm tones are my favorite, so for me this palette is a dream. If cool tones are more your go-to, this may not be the palette for you.

The shadows themselves are beautifully pigmented, creamy, and super blend-able. There was also zero fallout in my experience. (And I'm no light-handed pro.) It also comes with a double-sided brush, one side a fluffy brush for blending, and a shorter, stiffer one for packing. I've used the palette twice now, and while I skip eyeshadow most days, now I actually look forward to trying out new looks. The versatility, colors, and formula definitely make up for the price for me. This product was luckily a win for me, thanks for reading and I'll be sharing more products soon!