Milani Lip Sticks

Lipsticks are almost uncharted territory for me. I have kind of thin lips and would constantly worry about smearing it all over my face or teeth by accident. I usually just fill my lips in with liner and call it a day, but decided to branch out in a new way with some liquid lipsticks. 

These are the first liquid lipsticks that I have tried, so I cannot compare them yet. I wanted to start lower than, say twenty bucks, and these were the the highest reviewed drugstore brand to my knowledge. 

My first impression was that the color goes on darker than it looks in the tube, so keep that in mind if you tend to shy from darker shades. The pigmentation and coverage is great. It didn't go on streaky at all. This was challenging to me at first because I had to get accustomed to applying it without over-lining or letting it bleed, which it did on my lips. (Although my lips are thin like I said before, and they don't have a definite "starting point" if that makes sense?)

There were some cons to me, but they may be a part of liquid lipsticks in general. After a while the product obviously rubs off  of your inner lips, or places that get wet with saliva, food, or drink. When you start losing product, it looks a little crazy, and I'm not a constant-compact-checking kind of gal, because well, I forget and am not a fan of high maintenance makeup. It is also drying, but from what I heard/read, most/all liquid lipsticks are. My lips stay dry already, so I need to exfoliate and keep balm on them before using liquid lipsticks. 

I am still not completely confident wearing lip products, but one thing I love about liquid lipstick is that it is not messy and sticky and the transfer is pretty minimal. You still can't rub your mouth, but it stays in place and I didn't have any transfer to my teeth or anything. I was satisfied with this product and this brand, and I'm more willing to invest in a more expensive one now.

I also tried a lipstick just to test them out. The pigmentation was pretty good, but the formula wasn't the best that I've tried. It was a little sticky and didn't apply as smoothly as I like. I may give the lipsticks another try in case this was a fluke, and the price allows for that. 

For a first impression, I was impressed with the quality of these products. I have heard good things about some of their face products, and everyone in the beauty community sings praises of their baked blush in the shade "Luminoso". After testing a few of their products myself, I would definitely consider purchasing more in the future.