Baby Payne

It's true! I'm just a few days shy of being four months along. Baby number 2 will be joining us sometime near June 9, 2017.

I will probably not be documenting this one like the last. For one, it's the second time around and not a totally new experience. Also, pregnancy is not the greatest time for me. If you read my blog during my first, I'm sure you're very aware of how much I whined. This time I finally researched depression during pregnancy and found perinatal depression, which explained a lot from my first pregnancy as well. The big one for me is poor fetal attachment. I was that way in the beginning with Thatcher, and felt so guilty and scared that I wouldn't love him enough. Then he was born and I thought I would burst, having never felt so much love.

Regardless of the tough stuff, I am equally as excited as I am scared to meet our new little one. Our plan has always landed on two, but the decision to have them so close together was a recent one, so wish us all the luck!