Ten Months

 We're only a couple months shy of having this nugget for a whole year. Lately I have loved watching his personality form and grow. He is now the proud owner of two teeth, and loves to show them with his huge, goofy grins. He is becoming more social, mainly with other littles, but loves being nosey when we're around strangers. He dances at every chance, is very "Talkative", and is trying his hardest to get up and walk.

  Thatcher at ten months:

eating /

Baby food + tons of puffs + small bites of our food.

playing /

With all of Tobi's toys. I swear they play with each other's stuff more than their own. 

moving /

pulling up on everything, trying to get up without assistance. Still dances to anything with rhythm.

talking /

A lot of gibberish. It sounds like he can say da-da, but it doesn't seem connected to the meaning yet. It sometimes sounds like he says mama when he's mad or reaching for me, but i think it might be coincidence. 

watching /

Sesame Street. Elmo is his tv BFF. 

growing /  

Still getting taller! At his last appointment he was in the 95% for height and only the 35% for weight, which seemed unsettling but was normal for his height.