Lately, I've been experiencing what might be considered a "Quarter-life crisis". I feel like I've been moving in circles, not breaking true ground in one area of my life, personally or career-wise. I've lost a lot of motivation, which has made both areas harder. When I start sinking, it happens fast. Balancing is harder than ever, and the thought of taking on too many photography jobs just exhausts me. I am continuing to do so, but am taking a step back in pursuing jobs, spending too much time marketing, and getting back to what feels natural. Letting the work speak for itself, and not overwhelming myself.

Last Sunday was a good palate cleanser. We visited my grandparents at the campground they were staying at, and they offered to watch Thatcher while me and Geoffrey rode bikes. It had been years since I had rode, but it returned without much effort. My session after felt similar. It was less calculating and forcing, and more instinct. Sometimes it's best to give yourself a break and give in to what comes naturally.

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