Bits + Pieces

As Summer leaves us, (Thank goodness.) we are met with better weather, more activities, and more photo sessions. Fall photo sessions are my favorite, and usually when I get inspired and a little adventurous.

Snapchat filters are one of the best things that have happened to me, and the worst thing that has happened for Tobias.

 This child has two moods. He might get that from his momma...

 Breakfast for dinner is my latest weakness.

 Thatcher went to his first birthday party for his cousin Roman. This boy is a fish and I love it.

 Walks at the park so Thatcher can kick up his foot, and mom can listen to podcasts. (All true-crime/murder ones. Not even going to pretend like I keep up with anything educational these days.)

 Thatcher's highlight at his nine month check-up was the sanitary paper. Both of us were glad it wasn't a shot appointment.

 These two are twins sometimes. They both excel at covering the apartment with their toys.

 Every year around this time, there is a small Beatles festival in a nearby town. Last year I was pregnant, this time around I got to watch him dance on the outside. ;)

I hope Fall is treating you well, I can't wait for the coats, hot chocolate, and bonfires to come! xx