Today is World Photography Day. Photography obviously has a special place in my heart, but it's more than an art or business. We take for granted just how easy it is for us to capture a moment forever. How fortunate I am to take these photos that are higher quality than the earliest cameras, and also portable enough to carry in a purse. And even more so when lugging my camera around feels inconvenient and I can photograph moments on a phone that fits into my pocket. It's such a gift to relive some of the greatest moments of our lives, and be filled with an emotion just by looking at a photograph. I can hold my wedding in my hands forever, the first day of my son's life, and even photos of him inside my womb. It's amazing, really.

Take a moment to look through photos, take some pictures of your loved ones and life as it looks at this moment. And even more importantly, be in photographs. Someone will be thankful for it someday.