You are the best person.

My words fall terribly short, and my actions sometimes rob you of my true feelings, but you are the absolute best. You were placed on this earth to serve and be an example of what a real man is. You always put others first, and your heart is so big, I am not sure how you carry it everyday.

I can hardly believe I am lucky enough to know your love. Not many get a chance to feel what true love is at this age. A love that is respectful and selfless. You have changed my mind, and softened my heart. You busted through what I had been building up for years in a matter of weeks. You've reached places in me that no other ever could. I thought what we have was impossible, but you make the extraordinary a little more plausible everyday. 

I don't worry about our son, because if he is like you then he will be exactly who I dream he will become.