Seven Months

Parenting is tough.

It's tough when you cry, act stubborn, or refuse sleep, but it's more than that. So much more.

Our world still has a long way to go to become acceptable even. There are so many problems, rooting from misunderstandings, racism, corruption, politics, religion, and pure hatred. People want to see people hurt for no rational reason, and the thought of you navigating that world shatters me. 

Before, I was terrified of becoming a parent. I have undone a lot of the things I was taught growing up, and still cringe at things I thought, did, or said. I didn't want that for you. The only way to avoid that it to love.  This is the most important lesson I can give you, because no political stance, belief, or religion will make you a good person, but love will. 

"To my children, I will say, “Fill your skin with kindness and find solace in your solitude. It takes bravery to be kind. But to be brave you will need to know how to stand for something even if you are completely alone." "

— Nikita Gill, 

Lessons I Will Teach My Children