Bits & Pieces

First things first, if you follow me on Bloglovin, I apologize for the recent clutter of repeated posts. I decided to transfer my personal posts back to Blogger. My website and business has been neglected as a whole, and I don't post as much as I would like because I didn't want personal to overwhelm business. This is a better solution, and the ability to post what I like when I like is freeing. Thank you for continuing to read through the inconsistency and changes. Time to catch up a bit!

This month marked Thatcher's first fourth of July. I had been anticipating his reaction to his first fireworks. I expected an extreme of emotion, whether joyous or terrified, and he surprised us with neither. The sparklers barely held his attention. That night we went to our hometown's annual firework show with family. We shared a lot of laughs and food until dark when the show began. I cautiously wrapped Thatcher in his blanket on my lap for security. The light show began, and he didn't cry out. He sat perfectly still, watching   , completely in awe of every noise and color. It was a spiritual moment for me, holding my growing baby close, appreciating his appreciation for every new experience in life. Reflecting on the past seven months that transformed my sweet boy too quickly. These times are bittersweet.
  Thatcher will be eight months old in a little over a week. The last few weeks have been a rollercoaster of productive days with wonderful moods and sleep schedules, to teething, fussiness, and working for an hour to get him to take a thirty minute nap. Even on his bad days, he is hilarious and always produces smiles, and for that I am thankful.
    I've been trying to squeeze in as much scrapbooking as possible so I can be caught up. Obviously I haven't made much progress, still working on his newborn photos. I love the project life process, being a great alternative to traditional scrapbooking. I love that it also requires me to print all of the photos sitting on my hard drives. I'll post more as I  make progress. 
I'm excited for another new chapter of blogging, one that is genuine again. Much love.xx