Four Months

I have a four month old.

This is supposedly the month where things start to feel "normal" again. I kind of doubt it at this point, but I'm okay with our new normal. Some days are fantastic with you. You giggle at everything and think I'm hilarious. Other days aren't as fantastic. You are showing signs of teething and going through growth spurts at an alarming rate. You fight sleep, the bottle, and me. I hold you while you scream, holding my hair in one hand and swinging at me with the other. It's in those moments that I wonder if I should hold out and be strong, or join in. You eventually admit defeat and nap. I collapse on the couch and am thankful for the peace. Funny thing is, it only takes me a couple minutes before I miss you, and have to go check on you. It is the same when I am not around you. The break is heaven, it feels amazing to have free time. But I miss you so bad that I'm just ready to have you back. Motherhood is strange.

This month was another month of growing for you. Lot's of it. You broke your clothing record by just skipping over a size. You continue to amaze me with your personality. It is the best hearing you "talk" to me. You get so animated and frown and smile like you're telling a dramatic story. You love to fake cough and laugh at me when I am actually coughing. Your favorite game is pulling your pacifier out of your mouth over and over while I'm trying to sleep. A close second is seeing how many diapers you can fill in the middle of the night.  You love our living room dance parties to Nick Jonas and Justin Beiber. Tobias still puzzles you, but that doesn't mean you'll pass up the opportunity to pull his fur when he's in reach. And you continue to develop your own adorable personality. I'm so lucky you're mine.