Three Months

Every single day you amaze me. You are becoming the most lovable baby, smiling at everyone you meet and making them swoon. If your giggles fill me with pride now, I can't imagine how I'll feel when you say your first words, take first steps, and fulfill accomplishments in the future. You are flirting with the idea of sleeping through the night, and I am ecstatic while trying to maintain expectations. If I am feeling defeated, you flash that goofy, gummy grin, and I completely melt. You still get easily spooked by loud noises, and it's equal parts sad and adorable when you throw your arms out wide and get that deer-in-the-headlights look. Your Dad still has to hold me back, because shopping for you is much more fun than shopping for me. Luckily for me, you grow so fast that these shopping trips are often.

While I was watching you sleep last night, the thought that plagued me while I was pregnant, occurred to me. I didn't know how I would feel, being a mother when I was not ready, if I would love you as much as everyone claimed I would. And it wasn't true, because I never would have known just how much I would love you, there aren't words. Thank you again, for teaching me how to love so deeply and openly and without fear. It's truly the best kind.