Two Months

Another month has passed with you, sweet boy, and you remain as expressive as ever.

 This month we discovered that you not only noticed the shadows created from the phone flashlight, but thoroughly enjoyed watching them dance across the ceiling. I made noises and shapes until my arms were exhausted, too enraptured by your joy and curiosity to deny you.

 You also became the most chill bathtime baby, whether it is shared with me or in your own bather. There are few moments as magical as swaying with you in the shower as you contently stare at me, showing no fear as long as I hold you tight.

 We now know that you hate lotion, more than having your diaper changed or being clothed. Fortunately for us, you recover pretty quickly.

 Around 11:30 P.M., you know it's almost time for your longest stretch of sleep. Even though it's usually about five hours, I appreciate the consistency. You flail like no other, waking yourself until you reach a deeper sleep. During this time I know you can be easily coaxed if I rub your head or hold your hand. 

 You still amaze me each and every day, and I still have to let it really soak in that you are ours. I never want to take for granted your first smile in the morning when you see me. I will forever be making a fool of myself to see that smile. And even though the ceiling fan is still more entertaining than me, I'd like to think I'm a close second.