One Month

My little nugget is a month old, and I love him more than ever. This has been an eye opening month as I've learned to be a mother, and I've loved watching Thatcher grow.

This month Thatcher /

  • Is the spitting image of his daddy.
  • Grew 2 inches and gained 3 pounds since birth.
  • Has a calm disposition most of the time.
  • Started lifting his head and looking around almost immediately.
  • Has the cutest sneezes and yawns.
  • Is so expressive.
  • Gets the hiccups constantly.
  • Is starting to lose his baby hair.
  • Seems to be smiling with intention.
  • Loves to watch the ceiling fan.
  • Is almost too big for his 0-3 month clothes. We're going to have a tall one.
  • Is finding his voice with lots of grunts and coos.
  • Hates sleeping anywhere besides our bed or his bouncer.
  • Loves being sung to, and is usually calmed by it so fast.

The biggest lesson I've learned this month was patience. Breastfeeding and pumping are hard, waking up every two hours is hard, and some days everything seems hard. Sometimes I'm so ready for that next stage, then I look at him laying next to me, and realize that he is growing so fast and that my time with him is so limited. He's not going to be a baby for very long, so I savor every single moment, calm or hectic, and give thanks for it all.