Little Victories

I have a three week old who has decided to ditch his 4-5 hour nighttime sleep increments to 2-3 hours. It's been a little interesting trying to feel normal, and getting anything done non-baby related is hard enough, but there are small victories as well. Sometimes it's wearing pants, and sometimes it's getting a blog post up or editing photos while he feeds/sleeps. Then there are times like this morning, when I feel together enough to make breakfast, and it was almost done cooking before Thatcher required my presence again. Also, the boppy pillow is a genius invention, allowing us both to get our breakfast on time. 

Tobias (Currently in his allergy cone. :( ) is always so concerned about Thatcher, checking on him every time we go to a new room or if he makes a distressed sound. I can't wait for them to be on a more equal playing level.