Once again I allowed my photography to become a job, a routine. I'm looking forward to creating art again. I'm so inspired, rooting out the weeds of social media that kill my spirit and steal my joy. I refuse to fall victim to comparison and competition. My goal is to purge all social media that does not inspire or uplift me, and in return I am readier to create, to grow, to live through my own eyes instead of exclusively through others'. I feel like a new person and I want that to be evident in my work.

I want to challenge myself this year with photography. Not the usual challenges that limit me, but series of photos. Photos I can feel good about putting effort into because I will share more than one. One of the hardest aspects about taking these photos for me is doing so in public places. I get very vulnerable when I feel like I have an audience, and most times cut the shoot short. One of my goals for the year is to be braver, and that is one fear I want to conquer. Another way I am determined to fear is by taking more chances and posting the shots that I am not completely sure of. I hold so much back because I fear the opinions of others. It's easy to forget that this art is for me, not a client, and my standards will never fully be reached, but that's what keeps me climbing.