I have a confession. It's probably been pretty obvious that my personal posts barely scratch the surface of reality as of late. 

Whether it was fear, embarrassment, or the superficial reason of wanting to be a blog for everyone, I'm slowly losing myself in it. My posts are harder to write, and so many go unpublished, simply because I'm pushing and pulling with honesty. Anytime I start writing for others, it becomes stale. I know it is obvious to people if I am trying too hard to be profound, because I've thought the same thing when reading certain blogs. It's a little ridiculous when actually confronting these issues. How many times I have completely scrapped a post to replace it with something unoriginal at the fear of sharing too much. I have experienced some pretty major milestones in just the past couple of years, and they deserve more respect than being glossed over or glamorous, if we're being honest the greatest things in life never are.
So here is my source of accountability. I'll definitely be sharing the highlights of our life, but I also want to share the hard work and hurt that have made the incredible happen. To do this, I must also live it, something I have also failed at last year. So here's to being flawed, broken, open, and of course honest.