Adventures in babywearing

We have already been out and about quite a bit since Thatcher was born, because of the holidays and such. Being winter and all, I was not thrilled about it. Luckily, we received a Moby wrap at my shower, and I felt a little better about taking him out. I like that I can easily cover his face to shield him from the cold, and the warmth and closeness to me calms him. It also keeps germs at bay, due to the fact that strangers would have to invade my personal space to get into his. Our only issue has been finding a good hold for him. He has disliked swaddling since birth, and is the biggest wiggle worm. He is still not completely sold, but has been humoring me until he quickly falls asleep. And this thing will be a lifesaver when I need to get things done that include my arms.

A shoutout to my sister-in-law for helping take these pictures. ;)