At the start of every new year I start making plans. My plans may consist of photo projects, workout routines, a healthier diet, a rebrand, and I love it. I love the planning process, and am usually super efficient for the first month, then I start to burn out fast. Last year was the first year I decided not to make resolutions. I still had failed plans, like my 52 Week project, but I started on a better foot. I stopped drinking caffeine, started actually working out on a schedule, and we started making plans. We were supposed to move to another state,  and I was wrestling with the issue of making my business mobile and finding new ways to contribute financially. Little did we know that life had much bigger (And better.) plans. 

This year I'm not making resolutions, necessarily, but some outlines to try to live by.

Create More.

There is almost always a new project I want to take on, but hold myself back for some reason or another. One example was knitting, and I'm actually not as bad as I thought I'd be for just completing a couple of projects. (Thatcher's hat in this post is one of them!) I was glad I put the effort forth despite my hesitation. It just makes me wonder what else I might enjoy that I haven't tried yet.

Be a better version of myself.

This is always a goal, and I think it should be. It's time for me to get back on the road to being healthy and getting in better shape again. It also never hurts to focus on my emotional and mental hangups. 2015 was a big year for me mentally, I stopped worrying 


 as much. (I have a baby now, there will be worry.) I also reigned in my compulsive feelings of envy, greed, and anger by focusing on how much I have and what is truly important. 

Read and learn more.

2015 was actually a pretty good reading year. I'm not reading as much as I used to, but finishing three and a half 1,000 page books during my pregnancy, sufficed for me just fine. This year I want to read more, and study topics that interest me. I would love any book suggestions! 

Consume less.

The holiday season just brings out the need to consume and buy everything that is completely unnecessary. I cleared out a lot of my closet last year, and still need to donate more, along with other items in our home that we don't use or need. I love the idea of going back to basics with my wardrobe, and definitely want to try a capsule wardrobe situation. I also got rid of a mountain of makeup that I never touch, so my goal this year is to invest a little more on less.

Scroll less, be present more.

My phone has become an extra appendage on my body, and I hate it. Refreshing the same screen over and over for nothing worthwhile, getting heated over people's posts and comments, or checking for new likes every ten minutes after posting a new photo. It's exhausting and pointless. Also, I have a kid now, and I don't know what breaks my heart more, the thought of his mom being a social media zombie, or him being one himself.

Go more.

I want to get out and explore more this year. A big goal of ours is to go camping with Thatcher when the weather is warmer. I'm pretty unexperienced in camping, so camping with a baby will be a new experience for the both of us. We will have to be resourceful in finding destinations on a budget, but I'm sure that will just add to the fun. ;)

Be brave.

Last, but most importantly, I want to be braver. Trying new things, putting myself out there more, not being afraid of the unknown, are just a few areas I want to improve on. I want to say no less and act without overthinking more. I want to allow greatness to happen this year, big or small. 

Thank you, lovely readers, for following my rambles and ventures for yet another year. I hope to be more present this year, and will definitely have more to document. Here's to another year where anything can happen, and to embracing it. Happy New Year, I hope your 2016 is amazing!