Thatcher / 4 days old

My life has been changed by this tiny human. I'll never be able to explain how I fell in love with someone who didn't pursue my heart, he just had it. I remember those moments directly after his arrival. The doctors took him immediately, out of sight. There was no new mother's high for me. Those grueling moments of trying desperately to catch even a glimpse of my healthy baby made me distraught. Like so many aspects of my pregnancy, I was expecting a feeling that I didn't have, and jumped to the worst conclusions of postpartum depression. Twenty four hours without food or sleep was not ideal to endure the most tiring day of my life yet. The next day, the excitement subsided, visitors left and Geoffrey went to get me food that wasn't from the hospital. Thatcher was fussing and refused to eat or sleep. I sat in the rocking chair and started singing songs that I had sang to him in the womb. He was content, and it felt like the first real connection between us, the first time I cried, the first time I felt that new mother's high.