My Favorite

There is just something about fall. A literal breath of fresh,crisp air that is rejuvenating after the intensity of summer. It's almost as if a reset button is pushed, and my inspiration is back.

I want to be outside.
I want to create again.
I want to take on a million tasks, because I have the motivation.
I am happy.

It's funny, I may have mentioned before that I believe my brain is wired to the seasons. Summer and Winter have their defining moments, but the best thing about them is the appreciation they allow for Fall and Spring. Two new beginnings, so fresh after the bitter heat or cold. I won't make a goal list this year, not here anyway. Usually, my fall is packed full of weddings and shoots, and with current situations, that is not the case this year. But I am taking the negativity of emptiness and filling that space with other ways to create. My goal is to take in as much of the inspiration, creativity, motivation, and fun as I can, and be productive in new ways.