31 Weeks

Currently I am settling into a new mindset. I feel like embracing the unknown has been the motto of our year. I am now thirty one weeks, just a week shy of eight months. Some of the distant fears and trials are starting to take a backseat to the closer, impending ones. There is the surreal fact that I will have a living human being within a couple of months, the financial and emotional toll that comes with it, and the big show itself, childbirth. Sometimes the only way to shut my mind off to these topics, is to dwell on plans. Plans of our future with our little one, plans of adventure and growth. 

Currently making me happy

Quality time with my husband. I have stressed the importance of making the most out of our time together while it's still the two of us. Making little plans for the weekends or impromptu dates will be more difficult in a couple of months, so we're taking advantage of the opportunity now. 

Little adventures. Our short camping trip last weekend with our pup was just what we needed to relax and find motivation. 

Plans. I love planning. I have been immersing myself in ideas for our little family's future.

Daily routine. This weather has been perfect for morning walks with Tobias while listening to a podcast. Starting the day off with routine usually gets the ball rolling for a more productive day. 

These photos. I will share more from this trip. Geoffrey is always so gracious while helping take photos of me and always strives to capture my "vision". He nailed it with these.