It Takes Two

Pregnancy hasn't been my best friend, but that's okay because my real best friend is awesome. I didn't anticipate just how much weight he would life off of my shoulders daily. Whether it's making sure I eat and eat what I want, overlooking a mess when I just have to sleep for no reason, or taking my changing moods in stride, he's become a pro. Being as awesome and supportive as he is in every other aspect of my life, I had no doubt he would be supportive now, but let me tell you, it has made all the difference. Thank you for making the scary times less scary, and putting up with me laughing for a solid hour at an internet meme. Thank you for never complaining about my shortcomings during this time, and understanding that sometimes I just have to be a sassy lump. I couldn't imagine doing this with someone lesser, and thankfully I don't have to.