I'm finally caught up with where I actually am. This is the first week I have really incorporated Geoffrey into photos, and I really want to do that more. A smooth pregnancy in my case has been a team effort, but I'll post on that topic another day. Things have been on the up and up as far as pregnancy goes. I have a little more energy, a little more appetite, and I'm able to cook meat without heaving. The mood swings are definitely still in full effect, but I usually treat them as I do when I'm not pregnant. When I know I am irrationally upset, I shut my mouth and don't communicate for a bit, because I know I'll regret anything I say or do in those moments. 
I can say at this point that overall I feel excited. I'm already daydreaming through the life stages of my daughter and every article of baby clothing turns me to mush. I think pregnancy gives us these irrational highs like the lows to distract us from the impending trials, but I'll take it.