SKATE// Embracing your inner child

The husband, sister-in-law, and I were getting pretty tired of vegetating due to the weather, so we decided to find something to do indoors. I have had the need to go skating recently, and while i preferred ice skating, we are hours away from any venues. So rollerskating it was. I almost forgot to mention I haven't skated since middle school. As soon as I stepped onto the rink, I fell on my butt...then I fell about fifty more times. Each time I laughed harder than before, slowly coming out of my inhibited shell. I felt silly at first, us being the only adults there without children, and falling amongst six-ten year olds. Then I felt young, and happy. I appreciated my body for taking every fall in stride, because it's easy to take youth for granted. I also felt completely ridiculous for the first time in awhile, and in my book, that's the best.

*A huge thank you to Geoffrey & Kiera for taking photos, helping me up, and pretty much just being seen with me. ;)