Shades of Green

It's only natural that I get the winter blues around this time. Things are kind of slow, I have time to assess and overanalyze, and what's worse is that I have time to live vicariously through other artists. Cue the jealousy. I don't want to feel it, I really don't, but when others are bragging  or someone is doing more than I am at this moment, it's almost automatic. I am happy for them, I really am. Promise. I just wish I was also doing as well as them. Jealousy is the wickedest sneak attack of all negative thoughts. Everything is fine and you think you have control of your feelings when, bam, you're hit with a wave of jealousy that you didn't even see coming. It seems like it comes from a place of hate, and it's really just a root of insecurity. A little note to self//Remember the next time you are jealous that it is all you, and you are your toughest critic. You will have your time, you will have great things come to you if you are willing to work for them. Happy creating.xx

TOP// Target

COAT// Eddie Bauer

JEANS// PacSun

BOOTS// Steve Madden