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Once in a blue moon I decide to replenish some beauty products, and I try to do so without breaking the bank. It's not always easy finding something that has great quality and is affordable, and it stops being affordable fast when trying to find those products. Makeup is something I splurge on maybe every two years. It's fun, it makes me feel and look good, but it has never been a top priority. I would rather invest in a hobby or my career. of course, when I hear that there are high quality options at an affordable price, I draw interest. 

 I have been on the lookout for some quality, pigmented eyeshadows and blush. I originally planned on purchasing some high end products, but could almost see my husband's incredulous expression. Some days of boredom resulted in the watching of quite a few makeup reviews/tutorials on Youtube, and that is where I originally heard of this brand. Most of Makeup Geek's eyeshadows are considered dupes for Mac's, at a fraction of the cost, so I was definitely interested. I watched a few reviews, and while most seemed honest in reviewing sponsored products, I wanted to test a few products for myself before investing a larger amount. 

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I needed a little warmth to add to my current pallets, so I started small with three eyeshadows that seemed to be popular amongst the reviewers. I was pretty happy with them overall. I'm not going to lie, I'm not a makeup collector by any means, but I have used high end and drug store, good and bad. It can be a bummer when you purchase a large set of eyeshadows, no matter how inexpensive, and they're no good. 

The eyeshadow pans weren't quite as pigmented as I thought they were going to be, but they're really easy to build on, and you can always wet your brush if you need more pigment. I like their texture and color and they blend beautifully. I will definitely go back for my next eyeshadow purchase.


After hearing about the eyeshadows, I was excited to find that she not only sells blush as well, but that she had one comparable to Orgasm by Nars. I have one Nars blush, that I hardly use because of the texture and pigment. I was really happy to find that this blush applies smoothly and also starts subtle and is easy to build on. I really love the color, which is a warm rose with gold flecks. I don't know if I would try another shade of their blush line, as they didn't review quite as well as this one did. But I would say this is my new go to for an affordable, great quality blush.

CONCLUSION//  I was very pleased with the quality of these products, and the price is enough to win you over when comparing to other brands of similar quality. My expectations may have been a little too high due to all of the ravings by the sponsored makeup artists, but the product didn't disappoint. Now that I am happy with the products, I have a wish list on hand for the next purchase and I'm curious to try the foiled eyeshadow pots. What are your favorite "dupes", or affordable alternatives to high end makeup?

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