First the site, and now the personal blog. 2015 is looking snazzy.

I know that this blog has changed quite often over its course, but now that I have defined my style in a brand on my website, the inspiration was able to spill over to this blog. I finally have a look that I am completely happy with and the inspiration that I have held onto this year is really inspiring me to blog more.

My blogging goal for 2015// Blog about new topics of substance, quality over quantity, but I hope to blog more this year than the previous. Cut some of the negativity. When I'm uninspired (Like most of last year) I tend to take to social media when I need an outlet to rant on. Looking back, I had too many posts about complaining. I'm a happy person, I'm also pessimistic sometimes, but overall happy. I'm not sure if it always translates just how blessed I am to be doing what I'm doing with people I love. This is going to be yet another big year for us, and as long as I keep the inspiration and ambition high, I'm sure I'll have plenty to share. Thank you, lovely readers! I love getting your comments. Just knowing that you read what I ramble about and take the time to interact with me gives me all the motivation to be better. xx