Project Life 2015

 Project Life was a project I was super excited about last year, but didn't really realize what I was getting myself into. I've been playing catch up for months now, and finally switched gears to start fresh. I want to say I will make it a priority this year, but I'm just not sure. I'm very particular when it comes to projects like these, so a layout might be laying on the table, unfinished for a week. Also, not knowing really what to fill a spread with is pretty stressful. The process is a little more overwhelming than I thought, and with my side projects, I'm not sure it holds the same importance at the moment. This is something I'm going to keep photos for and maybe update when I get the itch, but it's something I won't really prioritize until I have more to document. For now, I'm canceling my subscriptions and working with what I have, and saving anything extra for our moving process and home decor projects. ( I didn't do anything at this apartment.) So, less of this for now, and hopefully more diy and home projects. I am excited to use my photo paper for photos for our walls. xx