02/52//taken by the wind

The most freeing realization I've had is that we set our own limits. They may be influenced by other's opinions, fear of failure, self doubt, but the fact that all of these battles are entirely internal is reassuring.

Starting another 52 week project, after leaving one incomplete over a year ago was difficult enough. Deciding to share the project on my business Facebook page was even more difficult. Conceptual work isn't the "norm" around here. Case in point, someone stopped their vehicle to watch us, then drove on. (Is it just my uncomfortable self, or does this really frustrate anyone else?) I've never been able to share, really share on Facebook. Be it closed minds or unstimulated minds, some see posting something honest and vulnerable as bait, and swarm. I am different, an individual. I think for myself, follow my gut, not somebody else's. But I wonder, if I give in to their comfort am I truly creating for myself or putting myself right back into my little,professional box? 

Only time will tell if I continue to share there, but I do plan to continue here and on my Flickr page, so they'll be around.