Our day was so relaxed. I was calm, slightly in denial, but calm. I was anxious for our first look, but the nerves subsided and no tears were shed on my account.

Then it was time for me to walk down the aisle. I felt my composure leaving me, as I tuned out small talk from my Dad. I had tunnel vision, and nothing else was real. I walked, or slightly stumbled, down the aisle to The Flaming Lips, my vision blurred by tears. It was if that moment defined every memory of ours and what was to come. My universe shifted, and it was suddenly real. The whole ceremony was like this. I was aware of the people, but it was truly as if we were alone. I had no idea what anyone else was doing, I didn't even know where my photographer and videographer were, and they were obviously close, as evident by my photos. It was such a surreal, beautiful moment that I will always remember as the time that it actually became real.

photos// Kinsey Mhire Photography