Neighborhood walks

 I love this time of year. It's refreshing to take a walk that doesn't end in fanning myself by the air conditioner while Tobi is a panting puddle on the floor. The scenery isn't too bad either.

I'm thankful for Geoffrey being able to capture shots like these, considering I don't have the guts to haul a tripod along with Tobias, and nonchalantly pose for photos while the neighborhood looks on. On our walks, I always scout really neat spots that have photo potential, and I have really wanted to shoot in front of the house seen above. It's for sale, which minimizes the threat of someone being completely creeped out, and the house is shrouded in privacy by trees that just let enough magic light through. Swoon.

I'm obviously missing seclusion. While I didn't have complete privacy in our secluded woods, there were places I could easily go to find it. I dream of the day we live in that seclusion, with a yard, and preferably a great view. But I won't be too picky.

P.S. Tobias is the most difficult subject to take photos with, but his priceless faces make up for it. You'll see what I mean soon.xx