flower girl

 I am growing because...

I feel pretty for the first time in weeks.
I am realizing how truly, unbelievably, overwhelmingly blessed I am.
I am regaining inspiration and self respect in my work.

The past couple of weeks have been a montage of me stressing, losing my mind, and losing myself slowly. I do this. But never have I snapped back so quickly. I am naturally anxious, and have been a nervous wreck my entire life, so I am usually half way to crazy on a good day.
Recently, I have found that the largest aspect, in combatting depression, is taking a moment to have an out-of-body experience or just (figuratively) stare the problem right in it's face. Sometimes, I just think to myself, no, this is irrational you, this is hormones, this is your weakness, and you can control it. 

When irrationality is winning still, I look at my husband. Really look at him. This man loves me when I am an irrational fool. His infatuation turned into an aspiration to venture through life together. He is handsome, thoughtful, smart, talented, and perfect husband material, and he chose to be with me.

Sometimes just realizing that someone who has complete free will, chooses to spend the rest of their day or life with you, because they long for your company and no one else's, is pretty fantastic. And if they haven't yet, think on the fact that someday someone will.

flower crown// LoveSparklePretty