an update on the fur baby

 It's been so long since I've shared an update on Tobias. Partly because he is white lightening, and planned photos are a chore. (Oh look he calmed down, because he's hot and his tongue is hanging out in every picture haha!) We love him anyway. Here is what Tobi is currently up to:

Favorite treat// Anything we're eating. He loves peanut butter, carrots, and apples. (Yes, he may be healthier than me.
Favorite song// Kaw liga He loves his traditional country, but this song holds a special place in his attention span. (Note the yelping in the chorus.)
Favorite place to sleep// My pillow. One night Geoffrey woke to see him curled around my head like a hat.
Level of excitement// Still a spitfire, but definitely calmer than before. When we don't have company, he is so mellow. That quickly changes when someone comes over.
Least favorite activity// Taking pictures, obviously.