Our Wedding Part I // The First Look

I still remember this moment very well. Probably because I was super anxious, and walking down a gravel road in four inch wedges. So much was a blur on our wedding day, it was a mixture of a romantic daze and nerves, making me a happy, awkward, and uncomfortable mess. The moment of the first look was such an odd feeling. I hadn't seen Geoffrey all morning and we had talked very little. A part of me desperately wished he was with me when I dressed, because I needed his opinion to feel less silly in my formal attire. Then getting the cue to walk to him cause such a mixture of feelings. I was so anxious and nervous around this person who I knew inside and out. (To be fair, I'm an anxious person.) After a close call of falling on a hill, I made it to him and waited to give him the pull to turn. 

I will be sharing our wedding in parts, because there are so many photos that I love and would like to write a bit about what I was feeling during these moments. It was the most wonderful, fun, and emotionally draining days. ;)

Photos // Kinsey Mhire Photography