The Tobester

Oh hey, I can finally take good pictures of Tobias.

I was super worried about how Tobias would take the adjustment to moving into an apartment downtown, considering he was raised in the middle of nowhere with little exposure to "city life".
His favorite part about our apartment is the windows. He called dibs on the first and only place to sit and likes to keep watch over the neighborhood. His attitude has gotten a lot better, I think it's because living in an upstairs apartment forced me to calm down too. It has made him extremely dependent, he is always afraid we are going to leave, and follows someone to every room, even if the poor guy is exhausted.
He does experience anxiety when he hears people in the hallways or loud vehicles, but we've been able to keep his barking to a minimum. We take him on walks around 6 or 7 in the morning so the traffic is at a minimum, which also calms him for the rest of the day and puts him in a good mood. Our next goal is to go out for more than an hour without worrying about him going crazy by himself. Have any tips on adjusting an animal to a new place and lowering anxieties?