Studio Calico

 I'm pretty excited to finally be able to get this project up off the ground. I've been ogling at other blogger's kits for over a year, but didn't really have all that much to fill one with. I've decided to start with our wedding album because, well it's a pretty magical day, and I'm sure our pictures will be pretty magical. (Hopefully I'm not an awkward, hot mess like I felt at times haha.)

I opted for a neutral, white album, in hopes of it not getting too dingy, but hey it's my wedding album, I'll do what I want. The size of them always surprise me, even after seeing the dimensions online, because they look so much smaller in pictures and I was always kind of afraid I wouldn't like the available amount of space. Needless to say, I was pleased with the huge album.

Another reason I am so excited, is that I have a subscription to Studio Calico for the Project Life kits. I love getting mail already, and getting a monthly supply of crafty, quirky goodness is pretty perfect. My first kit, as shown above, is for July, and I was not disappointed. I'm already excited to get next month's subscription to start using for the wedding album, or putting back for if and when we decide to document our weekly lives. I am in the process of preparing our honeymoon photos to print and add to this album, and our wedding photos should be here sometime in the next couple of weeks, so I'll definitely post once I get the ball rolling. I'll try my best to stay updated, and I would love to hear tips or feedback, so feel free to share tips or favorite Project Life products and kits!