Sisters getting married

Major life moments for my sister and me seem to have a sort of unintentional tradition. We were born exactly a week apart, started dating our now husbands a week apart, and keeping in (almost) tradition, we got married exactly two weeks apart. While her date was pre-planned and mine was due to schedule openings, it only seemed natural. What wasn't natural was seeing my little sister get married.
Even after having Roman, it's still a surreal experience seeing her grow up, even though it's inevitable. It's always the moments like these that make me painfully nostalgic, and dreaming of going back to the days we fought over nothing, and could play from morning to night with nothing but our imaginations. And then I am so happy about where we are and where we ended up against all odds. Ally has grown through every hard situation into a beautiful, strong mother and wife with her family's best interest in mind at all times. It is because of the complete happiness that her family brings her that makes me look forward to the future and let the past remain as good and bad memories. I look forward to the days that we can revive the family gatherings with a whole new brood of children to play and make memories together.