An ode to Diy

A true love/hate relationship. But this one is of love.

Diy can inspire almost anyone, as soon as someone whips up a fully functioning furniture and decor McGyver style, I am eager yet hesitant to try myself. Diy also get's a bad wrap, due to "Pinterest fails", and I'll admit I was a little worried when we decided to take some pretty important details into our own hands. Pulling a wedding together in less than two months doesn't give you much of a choice, and renting wedding equipment short notice, during wedding season, is more of a risk.

Seating is a pretty important part of the ceremony, so when Geoffrey suggested we make benches, I was a little nervous but decided to take the chance. So benches we made, all day long. We built about ten, Geoffrey doing more of the building, and me sanding and staining. Our hard work paid off and I loved how they turned out. Even better, they were safe and sturdy and really added to the aesthetic of our outdoor ceremony. Here are some things that helped us in deciding what we were willing to try when it came to Diy:

Be realistic.

While there are many Diys out there that can be pulled off beautifully, they may not always be plausible for everyone. You don't have to be completely sure you can pull it off, because most Diys aren't a sure thing, but you should feel pretty confident in the skills needed to complete said Diy.

Be cautious with your investment.

The pricier the Diy, the more confident you need to feel, especially when you're on a budget. If a Diy isn't a huge priority and is costly while risky, it may not be your best move to invest in it. We knew the benches would cost their fair share, but Geoffrey was confident and it made the decision easier.

Trust yourself.

Whether you're hesitant or pretty sure you can accomplish your Diy, you have to have confidence to follow through. There was so much about our wedding that I had major doubts about, but Geoffrey just stayed completely confident with each task, and it really helped me learn to trust our instincts. Really putting your mind to something can definitely accomplish it.

Thank you for reading! I can't wait to show you more of the final project of our wedding day.