A New Home

I'm back! Again!

There is so much I can't wait to share with you, but to avoid a sequential mess, I'll go back to the second milestone of the past couple of months. (The first being our proposal.)

The hunt for our apartment had a rocky start. Geoffrey camped in his tent for a couple weeks while we looked, and after touring many dingy, look-a-like apartments, we were about to settle when Geoffrey toured this lovely abode. And the rent was lower than the other apartments! He sent me pictures to make sure I would be okay with it, but said he knew I would be on board totally and we applied immediately. We were so ecstatic when we were accepted. It's such a classic apartment, light walls with wood flooring, and built in the '50s which I believe must have made the walls thick, because we've only heard people once, and they were nailing pictures to their wall.

It's now cluttered with odds and ends while we are unpacking, but I am more than excited to get completely settled and start decorating. Plus the light. It's absolutely perfect, which will make pictures a breeze.

I can't wait to share wedding posts! I plan to share some tips on the projects and tips for pulling it off in a little under two months, and it was a total dream. More will definitely show up in that department when we get our wedding photos. I'm dying of anticipation, this is gonna be good, you guys.