A fresh start

It has been a week since I have had a soda. If you know me, this is a huge deal. I am known to drink as many as six sodas a day. Super bad. It has taken a major toll on my body and health. Because of the extent, I still crave sodas everyday, and sometimes almost instinctively go get one. I've replaced them with water, lots of it. I have noticed that I'm less bloated and I haven't had any crazy mood swings. ( I also substituted food with soda frequently.) 
I knew I wanted to make changes in more ways than that, though. I've replaced lunch break McDonalds with salads and sandwiches. I've also been eating more vegetables and fruit. A good way that I've gotten my daily supplements of both has been through Naked juices.

This hasn't been easy, especially since I am not a juice person. Not even artificially sweetened juices. I love milk, but dairy is not prime either. I have not changed my whole diet, but I've made major changes and have substituted the really bad stuff with really good stuff. It will be easier to stay straight after my Valentine candy is gone. Oh and I've discovered that I despise Papaya.