Why I blog

I never expected to enjoy blogging as much as I do now, or to stay consistent.
I started it on a whim without any foundation or following, and I'm pretty sure the first few months of blogging were seen by no one. After I restarted, I grew to like it more and more, and now I love it.

At first, I wanted to blog for extra advertisement. I saw popular bloggers that had huge followings or were full time bloggers and could live on it. Because of this, my early blogging wasn't as personal. I tried too hard to fit a target market and reap off of unacceptable material. The more blogs I started reading, the more I realized the personal route was for me. The blogs that weren't trying too hard, just being real, really drew me in and kept me interested. Now I realize why I love it so much. Here are some reasons I blog (And why you should too.) :

An outlet of all kinds. If you're like me and live in a small town without many people that share your interests, it's nice to have a way to write and display about your creative interests.q Whether you need an outlet for your creativity or frustrations, it's a great way to get something off your chest, or show your interests.

A great way to meet people with the same interests. If you have individual interests, odds are, there are others that have very similar ones. No matter what you blog about, there are always relate-able ones to follow and interact with.

Blogs are resourceful. While some blogs are personal and entertaining, there are many that are also full of great ideas and resources.

They are memory keepers. I had never really thought about the fact that blogs serve as a memory keeper. One day in the future, I'll be glad that I recorded all of these moments, big or small, and will love looking back at my struggles and triumphs. Not to mention, the pictures make a blog a step-up from regular journals.

These are just a few of the reasons I love blogging, and why I recommend it to anyone. When I ask people why they don't blog, I often get the same response. They either don't think their life is interesting enough, or they don't have anything interesting to write about, and I felt the same way in the beginning. I really don't have a crazy interesting life, my social life in nonexistent. But I have passion, and I believe everyone does, and everyone is interesting, they just have to bring that out. Blogging did that for me. It made me realize that my life is and could be more interesting than I thought. I'm really glad I decided to blog, and I hope to see more of you non-bloggers here one day. <3 p="">