Sometimes you have to shut your critical eye off. 

Remember that your work must meet your own standards, and someone will always speak up to say it doesn't. 

Remember people will manipulate to put you in another direction, or keep you somewhere longer. 

The criticisms are the loudest words. 

Sometimes you have to stop searching for the bad, turn off all the voices, and really soak in your work. 

In a moment of insecurity, I did this, went back through archived albums of my shoots this year. I felt love for my work, and gave them the appreciation they deserved in the first place. I didn't let excuses or small "constructive criticisms" cloud over the swelling of joy I got from just enjoying my art. 

I'm in a very vulnerable spot. I work all the time and am continuously throwing myself out of my comfort zone. In the beginning, it is terrifying, but I try to focus on the accomplishment I feel in the end. I'm gaining wonderful opportunities, people are taking me more seriously, and I am slowly getting over my fear of photography. Yes, I fear it. I fear what I love to do. It's the most bittersweet contradiction. Much buckling down will be happening and less blogging unfortunately, because my weekends are filling up, but I will try not to stay gone for too long at one time! Thank you, beautiful readers for your following and sweet support through my crazy, insecure moments as of late, you're so appreciated.