Tobias // 5 Months

My baby has grown so much. He's rambunctious, radical, and sometimes psychotic, but at the end of the day, he still prefers falling asleep in my arms. I'm dealing with the consequences of a crazy schedule when he was home for awhile. When we picked him up, I was still working a three day work week, so when it came to potty training, I was watching him so intently that I had him out the door before he squatted. Soon after, I got a full time job, which was extremely hard on him, and training suffered. While in between jobs, I worked on re-instilling the training, trying to figure out the balance of using outside and pee pee pads that he had become accustomed to while I was gone. Now, our schedule is going great, and accidents are to a minimum. Besides the training, our only real issues are his nails. He will not let us touch them anymore, so his first trip to the groomer will be an experience. ( God bless that groomer.)