I've been thinking of this a lot lately. I live in a small town where family oriented milestones are fast paced. When I was in high school, I thought I wanted to get married and have kids as soon as I graduated. Time went by without that happening, and I'm glad it did. I've gained a totally different perspective in just a couple years. I never thought I would want to pursue photography, or just how much time it would take up. I never thought about the fact that I would want to spend some time with my spouse before having kids. I never thought about the insanity it might have been if I rushed into all of it right out of high school.

When you think about it, a lot of young adults feel like they should make life's most important decisions so young, and within a year, they may realize it wasn't the time. I've come to the realization that I still don't know myself fully, and I want to take the big decisions one step at a time. I have no judgement for people who start them earlier, it's their life and they should live it to their definition of fullest. I just don't want to feel like I'm in this race at so young, it has really warped my perspective, and I have reasons that will hopefully keep me sane in those moments of pressure:

I'm Nineteen. Sometimes I forget just how young that age is because of the rapidity around me.

I'm Establishing a Career. I want to have a steady career, and for that I need to be taken seriously. I need to focus free time on getting there so I can reap the benefits for my family later.

Commitment is Important. In the recent years, I've come to realize just how important commitment is. I tend to shy away from it, just because of how seriously I take it. When the time comes to make those big commitments, I want to be all in.

I Still Don't Know. Obviously, I am aiming for something, but if I'm being honest, I still have no idea what direction my life will go in. Just because I'm pursuing one thing, doesn't mean it won't branch off to something else, or who knows, I could end up doing something completely different. The beautiful and dreadful thing about life is, you never truly know what will happen.